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2013 Sydney Masters Hockey Tournament

During the last week of September and the first week of October, the Australina Men's Masters Hockey championship were held in Sydney at the Olympic Hockey Centre. Victoria had teams in all age devisions which ranged from the 35's up to the great grand Masters at 70 years and above. 
After the pool games had been played, we were lucky enough to get 6 teams into the semi finals. Unfortunately we only got 3 teams through to the grand final games, the 35's, the 50's and the 70's. In all 3 of the grand final games our hopes of gold medals were dashed. It was a great tournament and whilst the medical staff was kept very busy, we really only had a few injuries that put players out of competing in the tournament. Luckily we can deal with all these injuries as we have physiotherapist services in Warringal & Heidelberg.
There were the usual lower back, hip injuries, hamstring and calf injuries but this year we had a lot more glut and piriformas strains (maybe the guys are all running harder this year?) Victoria will once again be well represented in the many age group Australian teams that will go over to "The Hague" in 2014 to compete in the Masters World Cup.

Written by Nigel Friend 



2013 Asia Hockey Trip

As you can see from the pictures I recently returned back from Japan as part of the Men’s Australian Masters hockey team. This was the first time that the Australian Masters team had toured Japan and we all had a fantastic time. While it was hotter than expected, the weather was lovely and warm and allowed for some great games against various teams from Japan.
The teams played games in Tokyo, Yamanashi, Hiroshima & Kyoto and all were played in good spirits. As the Japanese Masters Hockey Association is not as large as its Australian counterpart, there were games where the teams had to play against much young opponents. But the Australian teams handled themselves well and over the whole tour, we were lucky to only get one serious muscle injury and that was a hamstring.
It was a great tour to be one of the physiotherapists for and along with that, it was also a great warm up for next years world cup which is to be held in the Netherlands.
Written by Nigel Friend 20/04/2013

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